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September 2021

Get into the real world of battles with Rok

But the real good reason for the development of the rise of kingdoms into a phenomenon is the fact that the smart phones can readily accommodate the graphics and other feature of the game without loading a lot of data. So this phone has now…

Ipl Is Not Just A Game – It’s A Religion!

The one thing that most Indians are passionate about is an IPL match. Watching cricket matches provides the battery charge that is needed every once in a while. Our daily lives can be really monotonous and boring. Cricket gives them the…

What Are The 5 Rules of Pickleball?

Rule 1: The Ball Can't Fall Out Of Bounds Pickleball is like other paddle or racquet sports in that the ball cannot be lost. The lines of white on either side indicate where you can and cannot hit the ball. You lose your serve if you hit…