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Ipl Is Not Just A Game – It’s A Religion!

The one thing that most Indians are passionate about is an IPL match. Watching cricket matches provides the battery charge that is needed every once in a while. Our daily lives can be really monotonous and boring. Cricket gives them the energy and the motivation to be excited about mega-events every year.

Hobby development and maintenance is a task people, in general, do not like to deal with. The very idea of coming home from work and then doing something else that requires your brain to function is seen as a hassle. They would rather sit in front of their TV or dwell on some web series. Nobody is to blame, considering the hectic schedule we all go through. Hence, IPL serves as a great break in times like these.

Cricket is not just a game for Indians; it is a religion for them. And religion, for Indians, is everything. The Indian Premier League is not only entertaining, but it is also thrilling. When you watch a match, every 4 or 6 makes you cheer, and every wicket makes you boo (as long as it is your team and not the opposite one)!

Every team comes from a state, and the people in that state support the teams with all their might. Fans have expressed their love and competition to such an extent that they argue with fans who support other teams. It’s simply a love & hate relationship (in good taste) between neighbors. Fans wear the jerseys, buy the merchandise and even paint their faces to show their support towards their team.

Today Indians wait for only one time of the year. And that’s IPL. Live cricket IPL matches come with new excitement and new thrills every year. Unlike watching it live, watching highlights is not as enjoyable or as enthusiastic. The vibe and delight of watching a live match are quite incomparable to anything else. Cricket is made more thrilling by the energy of the crowd present inside the stadium.

During this pandemic, it becomes impossible to watch the match in the stadium with an audience. In light of the severe pandemic hour, the idea that nearly every home in India will be watching the IPL game is quite a phenomenon. Watch the match at home while you’re on a conference call with friends; analyzing each and every move your team makes.

Cricket today is considered an ice-breaker. All conversations between sports fans revolve around this topic. Who scored the most points and who was the best player? Who deserved to win the ‘Man of The match’ title or who got the most wickets? Such questions can strike a loving relationship between strangers. In short, IPL is the one thing that brings Indians together. The love and hate relationship between the opposite teams & fans gets stronger by the end of the season. And so, the wait and anticipation for the next season begin!

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