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Wing Foiling: The Next Generation of Water Sports is Here

Humans are oh so creative and when that creativity is merged with new technology, some amazing things are achieved. Wing foiling is a combination of surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding, with the person holding the wing foil in their hand and the term ‘foil’ relates to the hydrofoil on the surfboard that makes the board rise out of the water. Wing foiling is about as dangerous as windsurfing, so it isn’t exactly called an extreme sport and it is quite easy to get the hang of.

Equipment you will need

If you want to try out wing foiling, you will need to acquire the following:

·         Wind wing – The wing is light and well balanced.

·         Wing board – These come in beginner, intermediate and advanced versions.

·         Wing foil – This amazing piece of kit fits to your board and raises the board out of the water as speed increases.

The wing foil is the critical component, as it lifts the board out of the water, which reduces drag and the wing propels you forward. If you search on YouTube, you will find many videos that demonstrate wing foiling and that will help you gain a deeper understanding of how it all works.

4 Step Learning Process

If you would like to take up wing foiling, there are 4 major steps involved:

1.       Wing handling – Learn how to handle the wing, which is very light and stable. This involves learning how to turn the wing and catch the wind and this stage does not require you to be in the water.

2.       Wing surfing – This is the first time you get into the water and the best way so start is on a large surfboard, while wearing a neoprene suit and life jacket, of course. Once you are on the surfboard, you can begin to experience the power of the wind and in a relatively short time, you will get the hang of it.

3.       Foiling – This is very much the business end of wing foiling and it is best experienced being towed behind a motorboat, much like water skiing. As the foil brings the board up, you can experiment and get used to controlling for turns.

4.       Wing foiling for real – Now is the time to put everything you have learned into practice while with your instructor, who makes sure that you are doing everything right.

Once you have mastered staying up and using the wing correctly, you will find that you improve very quickly and before long, you would be classed as an intermediate wing foiler.

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