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The world of sports is a diverse one, not only because of the wide range of sports but also because of the different floor surfaces required for each sport. Every sport or game is usually physically demanding for the athlete, and like many physical activities, injuries are a high risk. The best way to minimize or prevent sports injuries is to ensure that the athletes play on the proper sports floors indoors and outdoors.

Sports floors are uniquely constructed and designed with special care to provide adequate shock absorption and provide a comfortable surface to bring out the athlete’s full potential. This is a guide on the best types of sports floor at for indoor and outdoor sports.

Indoor sports flooring

There are various sports played indoors, including basketball, wrestling, tennis, volleyball, track, and badminton. Several types of indoor sports flooring are used to accommodate such sports. Before choosing an indoor sports flooring, you need to consider what the surface will be used for. For instance, hardwood sports floors are suitable for volleyball and basketball courts. On the other hand, fieldhouses that host different types of sports are better off with rubber flooring. Let us look at the commonly used indoor sports floors.

Hardwood sports floors

Hardwood flooring is the most common type of sports floor, especially for basketball courts and gym surfaces. The best thing about solid hardwood sports floors is that they offer much-needed durability and are aesthetically appealing with various design customization, such as incorporating team colors or logos. They are built with subfloor systems to provide excellent shock absorption. It is easy to install a portable hardwood sports floor so that it can be easily installed and removed depending on the facility’s needs.

Polyurethane athletic floors

Polyurethane provides the much-needed durability of indoor sports surfaces as it can withstand heavy impact from athletes and equipment. It is a multipurpose type of sports flooring available in facilities that host a wide range of sports. It is a seamless type of sports flooring that can be customized to suit any facility, whether a gym or sports center.

Recycled rubber flooring

Recycled rubber sports flooring is suitable for a wide range of uses, especially as weight room flooring and surfaces for training and workout centers. It is water and stain-resistant, easy to maintain, durable, and an economical athletic floor. It is aesthetically pleasing with a seamless finish, which is why you will find it in many fitness centers.

Vulcanized rubber floor

Vulcanized rubber is also another type of the most durable and high-performing sports floor. The top surface is usually slip-resistant, non-porous, anti-microbial, and easy to maintain, while the underneath layer provides shock absorption and excellent stability. A vulcanized rubber floor may contain several layers to provide optimal comfort and shock absorption in different facilities such as weight rooms and multipurpose field houses. It is also able to withstand compression, handle bleachers and other strong equipment.


With the aid of technology, manufacturers can now install high-performing sports floors that provide much-needed shock absorption and optimal comfort. When choosing the best type of sports flooring for your facility, whether a court or field, keep in mind the types of activities and sports that will take place there.

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