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Fundamentals of horseback riding

Horseback riding has continued to be an exciting and fun-filling sport as the bond between humans and horses is established. It’s not just about the galloping speed; horseback riding is a means of gaining a reasonable degree of fitness. There is certainly so much to derive from this sport, but we shouldn’t jump the gun. A brief on the fundamentals of horseback riding will help one better appreciate it, especially for anyone just about to get started.

How it all started

Whether it’s a professional going about his horseback riding in Texas, or anyone in some places across the globe, we all look back to the 1800s when riding horses was nothing more than a recreative undertaking. Horses were preserved for some sort of leisure-seeking exercise without having to overburden them in the field. And, like an ever-blazing wildfire, this trend has been sustained through many centuries – it doesn’t look like it will stop soon.

Getting started

To begin your horseback riding adventure, you will probably be tempted to first look out for a good ride partner – your horse. You don’t have to own one necessarily; you can simply walk into a good stable that provides you with a horse to ride. But let’s pause on that a little, and consider the other things you will be needing. So, on the equipment, you will need items such as a saddle, bridle, reins, bit, stirrups, helmet, riding pants, tall boots, gloves, body protector, etc.

Let’s take the conversation up higher – and more enjoyable – by considering the different horseback riding styles you can implement. You will probably need a trainer to get around this. There are several types of horseback riding, but they fall under either the English riding style or the Western style. The English riding styles allow the rider to have closer contact with the horse. This is made possible by the design of the saddles – which are usually flat and small. Again, the bits and bridles are relatively closer to the mouth of the horse. Western riding styles are such that guarantee the even distribution of weight across the back of the horse. The saddles here are larger and allow for deep-seating; this is why western styles provide better security as the horse gallops on.

Not the tough you think

Horses aren’t looking for fame, so don’t let their strength fool you into thinking they can withstand any storm, face any dangerous foe, or perform heroic exploits. Horses are known to escape or hold back when faced with danger. In other words, if you notice the horse behaving in this manner, you should refrain from exerting too much force.


There’s fun to catch from horseback riding; it will make a pleasurable outdoor exercise. It’s undoubtedly an excellent way to mix things up, doing something different from your routine. You need to get a trainer and then look to have a pleasurable ride thereon.

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