Teaching Kids Golf – Online Coaching or the Real Thing?

In many countries around the world, golf academies have been forced to close their gates and turn away students because of the pandemic. Luckily, in countries like Thailand, the virus has been managed, and residents can go about their daily business without much of a change. This is not the case in some areas and many golfers no longer have access to professional coaches. So, is online golf coaching just as good an option?

No Quick Fix

Just because you are learning online does not mean you have found a quick fix. The problem with online learning is that golfers are taught a new skill and they automatically think they have mastered it and they move on. This is not the case, it takes weeks or months to get better at a new skill and just because you think you have got it at home, does not mean you will not be corrected in the presence of a professional coach.

Too Much Information

So, you have decided to look for kid golf lessons online and you have come across a mountain of stuff related to the subject. You finally settle on a course and let your child get started with their learning. Everything seems fine until you have some questions about a specific topic. Doing an online golf coaching course does not allow you to focus on some of the basics. They tend to get carried away with content until the student is simply lost in information.

Limited Feedback

When you work with an experienced coach in person, you have the chance to ask all sorts of questions if you do not understand the lesson. When you learn online, students sometimes skip ahead without actually learning the point of the lesson. Working with a golf coach in person has many advantages over virtual learning. In addition to being able to receive constructive feedback, real life coaching has all of these benefits:

  • Personal interaction with the coach
  • Detailed analysis of your golf swing
  • Learn at your own pace

Not being able to engage with your coach can have a negative effect on your game.

Although there are many benefits to golf coaching online, getting one to one lesson at an academy is always going to be better. It is difficult to correct a swing or give a demonstration when the trainer is not there beside you. Virtual coaching is great for its convenience, but it will never match the real thing.

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